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Robert Rowe is currently located in the Greater Los Angeles area and can work on staff or as a consultant in a wide variety of capacities such as:

Show Set Designer
Senior Set Designer
Art Director
Field Art Director

Robert has more than forty years of experience in all aspects of Theme Park operation and design, with major emphasis on attraction design.  His main area of expertise lies in adapting a show concept to create a story line that will translate into a three dimensional ride-thru experience. Breaking down the scenes, writing the script describing scenery, characters, music and narrations into clear, comprehensible components sets his Art Direction apart from the competition. And, by providing architects with building information, laying out the ride tracks and directing model makers, lighting designers, set designers and other show designers and technical designers in all details of the design intent. Robert’s insight cuts costs and saves both time and money on any project he undertakes.

Responsibilities ranged from $42 million dollar Seuss Landing facades to zero-budget for Euro Disneyland® Preview Center.

Professionally Robert is sought for fantasy design where he can translate the most unique and elaborate concepts into easily understandable construction drawings.  His natural ability to communicate concepts both visually and verbally has lead to many leadership positions.

Additionally his outside interests include all aspects of architecture with special interest in the theatrical design of homes from mid-century movies and television.  His research includes a large collection of set drawings from various movies and television shows.  He holds a special interest in mid-century science fiction. 

The images on this page were created using SketchUp.  Above is the Monsanto Home of the Future that appeared at Disneyland from 1957 to 1967. To the left is the 'Atoms for Living' kitchen that appeared in the house.  These images were produce in SketchUp and the logos were added in Photoshop.
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