Robert Rowe


Attraction Design


Robert is your one-stop shop for theme park design.  He can master plan your entire theme park, a “land”, or just your attraction/retail/food facility.  His ability to follow through on all aspect of the design and execution of your project provides a consistency that needs no interpretation over the project life-cycle.  He can also produce, at any stage, clear and accurate enough information and documents for any qualified project team to build from.

Here is a sample of the process following the progress of one façade for Universal Studios Island’s of Adventure in Florida.

Once a design direction is determined clear and precise working drawings are produced by Robert, or under his direction.  Architects and structural engineers work from these show drawings to produce final contract documents.  Contract documents are reviewed by Robert for clarity and design intent.

Often study models are created under Robert’s art direction – or, if the model can be created in a virtual environment such as SketchUp Robert will create it himself.

Colors are selected and the model is painted.  In this case Robert actually painted the model himself, but he normally art directs such efforts.

Robert utilizes these creative tools, along with his easy-going communication skills, to art direct artisans, tradesmen, scenic painters and others in the field. His thorough design documents along with his encyclopedic knowledge of the project allows for quick decision making in the field saving time at the most expensive phase of any project. In the event that additional documentation is required to answer any question Robert can produce it himself, usually within the day.

In the end the final product becomes a dream come true that often surpasses what was originally planned on paper.

On staff or consulting for some of the most prestigious companies in creative design:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Universal Studios Creative
  • Landmark Entertainment Group
  • Irwin Allen Productions